ADEPT Framework 10.1.6


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ADEPT version 10.1.6 is a complete distribution of ADEPT software. You do not need any previous 10.1.x software installed on your PC. The ADEPT 10.1.6 installer automatically makes a backup copy of any previous 10.1.x software that it finds. ADEPT version 10.1.6 can be installed on the same PC as previous releases of ADvantage Framework (for example, version 8.4.14) without interfering with the operation of those releases. ADEPT 10.1.6 Update Summary

1       Minor Fixes / Enhancements

This following is a summary of minor enhancements and fixes in this release:

  • Improvements to support non-dictionary model variables and 64bit data types in schedules, overrides, DAS, and triggers.
  • Options to include additional C files when generating model dictionary for ADSIM and Simulink models.
  • Option added to allow auto-close of auto-started ADEPT-GD when ADEPT-VI project is closed.
  • Ability via popup menus in ADEPT-VI to save specific schedule, DAS, trigger, and override information to either setup or script files.
  • Option added to allow clearing of server working directory on project close.
  • Several issues related to launching GDB on Linux clients have been resolved.
  • Functionality improvements to ADEPT Panel Selection List and Value Input components.
  • Fixed some memory / resource usage issues for long running simulations.
  • Fixed issues related to font size differences between Linux and Windows clients for ADEPT Panels.
  • Several diagnostic and cybersecurity improvements to rtxd.
  • Added verbose diagnostic output for ADEPT-DE when loading device template and server config files.
  • Added support for hyphen’s in server names
  • Numerous other server and client side minor fixes and enhancements.

2       Major Enhancements

  • Simulink R2022A Support


Please refer to the release notes for detailed information.