ADEPT Framework 10.1.5


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ADEPT version 10.1.5 is a complete distribution of ADEPT software. You do not need any previous 10.1.x software installed on your PC. The ADEPT 10.1.5 installer automatically makes a backup copy of any previous 10.1.x software that it finds. ADEPT version 10.1.5 can be installed on the same PC as previous releases of ADvantage Framework (for example, version 8.4.14) without interfering with the operation of those releases. ADEPT 10.1.4 Update Summary

1       Minor Fixes / Enhancements

This following is a summary of minor enhancements and fixes in this release:

  • Setup file performance improvements for VI
  • DE Dictionary Editor performance improvements
  • ADEPT Panels – ability to disable user input controls (use as indicators)
  • Performance improvements for uploading large numbers of Playback schedule items in VI
  • Batch Put mode for VI scripts to improve performance
  • IP-470 Support for LinuxRT
  • Improvements to Server message logging in VI and Event Log Viewer
  • Improved handling of Overruns on Servers
  • Improved notification of Faulted Servers in VI
  • Additional Cyber-security related enhancements
  • Numerous other server and client side minor fixes and enhancements

2       Major Enhancements

  • Simulink R2021B Support


Please refer to the release notes for detailed information.